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Constantly Building Our Pool Of Talents For Your Diverse Business Needs.

Swift Search Global will source and assess local and foreign talents to ensure they are the right fit for your company.

Full Time Staff Search

Swift Search Global:  Your Search for Full-Time Staffing Solution

Over the years, we’ve built a huge pool of talent for your diverse business needs for you to leverage on.

Contract & Temporary Staff Search

Finding the Right Contract and Temporary Staff

Stay lean and reduce unnecessary cost. Having troubles trying to justify whether you require a full time HR staff? Simply outsource your payroll and other administrative works to us. It’s cheaper and we’ll get the job done.

Payroll & Admin

Swift Search Global: Efficient Payroll and Admin Services

If you are looking for foreign talent, look no further. We have a reliable talent pool from Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan with dedicated skillset for all types of jobs.

Foreign Manpower

Swift Search Global: Expertise in Foreign Manpower Solutions

Our Services

"Swift Search Global: Your HR Problem Solvers"

At Swift Search Global, we work to solve problems for candidates and our clients. We understand the pains of human resource and believe in working closely to fulfil your needs. To date, we’ve helped countless candidates secure a job. For our clients, we strive to be the partner of choice by providing them with solutions for their diverse business needs such as temporary, contract or full-time positions.

About Swift Search

Recruiting Process

Post job follow up






 I would highly recommend Victor from Swift Search Global to anyone. He is professional and efficient. Their experience and clients they are working with in the industry has helped me secure a job in a Japanese chain restaurant. Please do not hesitate to reach out, you will be in good hands.

Restaurant Manager

“I find Victor and Lucas to be engaging and highly dependable. They demonstrate professionalism and even took extra effort in the follow up after helping me secure a job. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a job.”

Gary Chia
Head Chef

"I’m very pleased to provide this testimonial, Swift Search Global has been a joy to work with. It took exactly 3 days to get an interview with my desired company and 10 days to secure the job. They were efficient and took time to understand my needs before executing."

Amber Thng
Customer Service Officer

 The team at Swift Search Global was able to help me secure a job for my career progression. Faced with stagnation in my previous job, I reached out to them. The whole process took around 21 days to materialise and I'm now at a renowned MNC. I'm grateful and have no regrets getting in touch. Thank you!

Mike Chan
Assistant Ops Manager
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